Tips to Use When Moving From One Office Rental to Another

With all of the many stressful situations that a business owner can deal with, having a high threshold for handling these types of situations. Among the most stressful and worrisome situations a small business owner may encounter is moving from […]

Things to Consider When Choosing Temporary Office Space

When you are in a situation where your office is undergoing a renovation, or going to be unavailable for a few days, or even weeks, it may seem like a huge challenge to find a location in your area that […]

Client Spotlight: Robin Bauer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Featured Client April 2016   Robin Bauer Clinical Social Worker, LCSW Lakewood Mind & Body Center Robin Bauer is a Licensed Clinical Social(LCSW) and psychotherapist specializing in individual therapy. She maintains a private practice treating patients from St. Petersburg to […]

Reasons Why Freelancers Need an Office Rental

Most people who work freelance work from home out of pure necessity and lack of funds to get an actual office space for their business. As their business begins to grow they will need to start thinking about getting an […]

Google My Business and Why You should Use it for Your Rent Workspace

If you are a local business owner, and you are not using Google My Business, then you are missing out on an extremely valuable opportunity to reach customers in your local area. If you have yet to hear, Google has […]

Serviced Offices are the Next Best Thing in Setting Up Your Own Business

There is no question that renting an office for your business can be a huge expense. When trying to rent traditional office space, you will have to pay on a month to month basis and then opt out of the […]

Ways to Help Create a Modern Office Workspace Design

When creating a modern workspace, one of the first things that comes to mind is more and new technology. However, believe it or not, this is not the only consideration when creating a modern office design. Five ways to help […]

The Benefits of Send Out Cards for a Service Office User

A send out card is a simple and professional way to follow up with customers, associates, or vendors. When your customers and other associates feel that you appreciate their patronage, they will be much more likely to do business with […]

How to Motivate Employees in Your Private Offices

One of the biggest mistakes that most small business owners make is ignoring the needs of their employees, which usually leads to them being left shorthanded when their staff quits. By keeping your staff motivated, you can get more work […]

Making the Most Out of Your Small Office Space

Owning a business is a great experience that can cause you some stress and worry at times. When first starting your small business, you will not have everything you want right away and will have to work to attain the […]

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