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    • Standard Mailbox Service | $65/mo

ComCenter’s commercial business address presents a superior image to post office mail boxes. We will receive your mail and packages and notify you of any overnight packages that come in. Regular mail will be deposited to your mailbox unless you request Special Mail Handling Service.

  • Special Mail Handling Services | $25/hr (fractional billing) plus postage if applicable
    • Mail Forwarding – We can forward your mail to any address as directed.
    • Mail Scanning – Upon your authorization, we can confidentially open your first class and priority mail, scan the documents into an image and email them to you. Save time and trips to the office!
    • Depositing – How often do you drive to the office just to “pick up that check” and then drive to the bank to deposit it? ComCenter can handle your deposits and email your receipt directly to you. No need to come to the office.
    • Custom Mail Service – Every business has different needs and our services are flexible to best accommodate them. (i.e. overnight packages, mass mailings) Just let us know how we can help.


    • Telephone Porting Service | $50/port

We can port your existing telephone number from another location or we can establish a new number for you. When you leave, you can take the number with you.

    • Office-Based Digital Phone Line (Executive Office Clients only) | $50/mo

Includes a new telephone number, extension and a digital desktop telephone, voicemail, conference calling, call-forwarding, and unlimited local calling.

    • Live Telephone Answering | $25/mo (per company)

For each company, our telesecretaries will answer your business calls live, with your custom greeting. We will forward calls to your desk, home or cell, as you instruct. Our fee includes answering for two (2) contacts. Each additional contact is $15/mo per person.

    • Call Screening | $25/mo (per person)

Need to know who is calling? We can add an extra level of customer service by finding out who is calling and announcing them before we send the call through.

    • Automated Call Distribution (ACD) | $15/mo (up to 8 extensions)
    • Our ACD services allow you to create a custom voicemail tree or voicemail boxes in order to:
      • Have the convenience of having prerecorded messages for announcements
      • Having multiple voicemail box extensions available for multiple people in your company
      • Great for after hours and giving directions
    • Voicemail to Email | $5/mo (per person)

Listen to your messages when convenient. Your voicemails can be converted to .wav files, and then forwarded to your desktop via email. You can clean up your voicemails at the same time you handle your emails. This is particularly useful when travelling


$50/mo (Per phone + security dep.)
With ComCenter IP phones, you can work anywhere with an internet connection: a remote office, home office, or on the road. Perfect for tele-commuters and satellite offices to stay connected. Choose the instrument that is best for you.

IP desk phones are perfect for the home-based business. Separate your business phone from your personal phone. When you make outbound calls, your business name is presented on caller ID, instead of your home number. Keep your home number private. You might even disconnect your land line! Enjoy all of the features of a standard digital phone such as voicemail, 3-way calls, conference calling, call-forwarding, and unlimited local calling. All of your business calls will be properly expensed for accounting purposes.

VOIP Soft Phone is best for the road warrior. Your phone is installed on your laptop. It is very easy to work with. You simply attach a headset to your PC. You can make and receive your phone calls at any place you can get on line, in any state or country. And, it offers all of the same features as a VOIP desk phone. Voice mails will be automatically forwarded to your email account. Save your cell phone minutes. (Headset not included)
Long Distance Charges | (.05 per minute)

  • All local calls are free. When traveling with your IP phone (desk or soft), a portion of your long distance call will be free. For example, if you are calling New York from Spain with your IP phone, the leg of the call from Spain to Lakewood Ranch Florida is free. The leg of the call between Lakewood Ranch to New York is at our standard long distance.
  • Our standard long distance is $.05 per minute. For heavy users, we can negotiate special long distance rates.


    • Office-based Fax Service | $40/mo

You can have a dedicated analog fax line for your company. Unlimited faxes will transmit directly to and from your fax machine in your own office.

    • Virtual Fax to Email (EFAX) |$12/mo

No fax machine required. We issue you a fax number so you can receive unlimited inbound faxes right to your email. Allows you to save ink and get your faxes converted in a pdf file format sent directly to your email to make forwarding convenient.


Our video conference room is available as a public room for either inbound or outbound video conferences. Our fee for such conferences is $150.00 per hour, plus any special telephone connection charges that might be required.

The hourly charge for ComCenter clients is $100.


Build Your Meeting Plan

Whether you need a space to work in, conduct a meeting or give a presentation, you have the flexibility of renting meeting room spaces by the hour, by the day or longer. Room pricing varies with size and availability.

Full time, executive office clients are entitled to use standard meeting rooms at any of our locations, free of charge.

Virtual Office Clients can rent meeting rooms from $25 per hour, or can enroll in a package plans for preferred pricing. Consult with our Virtual Office Plan grid


Our virtual assistants stand ready to help with whatever administrative task you need. We are ready to serve.

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