Common Mistakes when Leasing Office Space

If you have never thought about leasing office space before, you may be confused about how to get started. If you do not take your time, you may make some mistakes that will cost you big. Knowing what these mistakes are can help you avoid them.

Not Creating a Budget        

And when we mean budget, we mean that they don’t take into consideration the cost (as applicable) of utilities, parking, and other amenities an office may – or may not – have. Instead, too many potential tenants fall in love with a space and figure the price is in their ballpark (or they’ll figure out a way to pay for it somehow) and sign on the dotted line.

Not Using a Broker

A good tenant broker knows all the nitty gritty of the leasing process and can look out for your best interests, finding obstacles – and overcoming them – that you never anticipated. You also should have a good attorney in your pocket to help you weave your way through the commercial real estate leasing process.

Not Reading Everything

And make sure you read it thoroughly. You’re going to be signing a ton of legal documents. Know them well. (Or at the very least make sure your tenant representative/attorney can explain them to you. You still should read them thoroughly, however; it’s your signature on the forms, not the rep’s/lawyer’s.)

When you know the most common mistakes that can occur, you can avoid them and get the space that you want and need.

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