Video Conferencing

ComCenter provides all types of video conferencing services for our tenants in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Lakewood Ranch.


Our video conference rooms are available to members and the public for inbound or outbound video conferences. 


Video & Web Conferencing

Connect with clients, associates, and employees remotely with affordable video and web conferencing. Our cutting-edge technology offers crystal clear audio and video feeds through a private, secure network. 

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from our ready-to-use video and web conferencing suites. This convenient, cost-effective solution allows you to avoid the unnecessary hassle and expense of traveling to meet in person. 

Easily hold face-to-face meetings with multiple individuals and remote groups without the expense of equipping your space with the necessary technology. Our high-end video conferencing system allows you to connect quickly and confidently, so you can focus on the meeting at hand, instead of the tech behind it.  



Our professional staff is available to assist you with technical support as needed, ensuring that all video conferencing participants have a positive, productive experience. Regardless of your team’s technical background, you can be sure that your video meeting will run smoothly. 

From connectivity testing prior to your meeting to troubleshooting tech issues, you can count on our staff to help ensure a hassle-free experience.

Top Benefits of Video Conferencing 

Instant, on-demand communications are the way of the future. Modern and innovative businesses across the country are embracing video conferencing technology. From improving efficiency to helping you save money, there are many reasons to incorporate video and web conferencing into your business plan. 

Increase Engagement

It’s easy for participants to zone out or multitask during audio calls, but with video conferencing, you can be sure everyone is fully engaged. “Virtual eye contact” and the ability to read body language improves communication, making your meetings more effective. 

Improve Efficiency

Traveling to in-person meetings can take valuable time out of your day. When you add in the commute, an hour-long meeting can eat up an entire morning – turning it into an inefficient and frustrating activity. Switching to video conferencing allows you to quickly connect, then immediately get back to business. 

Create a Competitive Advantage 

Whether you’re meeting with suppliers, clients, or your team, you’ll be able to streamline tasks and enjoy productive collaboration. Lower costs, more productive meetings, and better employee satisfaction will allow you to stand out from the crowd and create a competitive advantage for your business. 


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