Virtual Receptionist & Phone Answering Services

ComCenter provides sophisticated virtual receptionists and answering services for business in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Lakewood Ranch.


Today’s customers expect to reach business owners when they need them. But hiring a full-time receptionist to answer your calls can significantly increase your overhead. With ComCenter’s virtual receptionists and phone answering services, you can be sure you’ll never miss an important call again.   


Virtual Receptionist Services

Give your clients that personal touch by connecting them with a live receptionist who will always answer with a smile. There’s no limit to the number of calls you can receive, and our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Soliciting customer information
  • Routing calls
  • Answering basic customer inquiries 

Benefits of Using Virtual Receptionists:

Are you tired of listening to the phone ring off the hook while you’re trying to get work done? Do unsolicited sales calls constantly interrupt your day? A virtual receptionist can solve all of these problems and more. 

Improve Your Customer Service 

If you’ve been sending your calls to an automated machine, there’s a good chance you’ve been losing business. And no matter how hard you work, something as simple as an unanswered call can lead to disgruntled customers. A virtual receptionist will make sure your calls are answered right away, so your clients and prospects know just how much they’re appreciated. 

Increase Productivity 

When business owners and employees wear multiple hats, manning phone lines can distract you from more important tasks. Outsourcing your calls to a virtual receptionist can take the burden off your team and hand it over to a representative who is specifically trained to boost customer satisfaction. 

Add a Professional Touch 

A professional receptionist adds prestige to your business, signaling to the caller that you’re a formal organization with a solid workflow. This can help garner respect and show that you care about providing excellent customer service. 


Add On Services

We can tailor our virtual receptionist/answering service agreement to meet your specific needs. These add-on services increase convenience and provide you with additional flexibility. 

Call Screening

Want to avoid unnecessary distractions or make sure you’re prepared before picking up the phone? Add a call-screening service upgrade. Our phone experts will find out who’s calling and let you know before we send the call through. 

Short-term Phone Answering Assistance

Planning a short vacation or need some extra help with a promotion you’re running? Let our virtual receptionists fill in the gap. We’ll make sure you won’t miss an opportunity when it calls. 

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