Virtual Offices

Building a successful image for your home-based business or professional projects.

professional and prestigious image – without the commute

Your home-based business doesn’t need a full time office with our cost-efficient solution that brings your business to the most prestigious level.


Virtual Office Solution Includes:

Key Benefits of Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are cost-effective and flexible, allowing you and your staff to work from anywhere, at any time. This unique arrangement allows you to work from home while maintaining a professional business address at a central location. 

No Commute Time

It’s common for employees and business owners to spend two to three hours every workday getting ready and commuting to work. A virtual office allows you to spend that time working so you can get more done and achieve a better work-life balance. 

Low Overhead

With a virtual office, there’s no office lease, no utility payments, and no need to invest in office furniture, support staff, and other overhead expenses. Keeping costs low gives your business more opportunity to grow and thrive. 

Increased Productivity

Virtual offices allow you and your team to work in a more relaxed environment, allowing for greater productivity and higher employee satisfaction. Allowing staff to work remotely also lowers turnover and gives you the option of hiring top talent from any location around the globe.


Using a virtual office allows you to expand your business without having to move to a larger office. Since space isn’t a limiting factor, you can easily establish a presence in new locations and test out the market without relocating to the area. 

Professional Image 

Having a prestigious local business address, a private mailbox, answering service, and other perks will give your brand a professional, credible, and legitimate business image. This can increase trust and create a positive first impression.

Business Support 

ComCenter’s virtual office solution offers business owners a range of professional services from call screening to bookkeeping and video conferencing, all within an a modern and inviting common area. . 

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