Utilities & Internet Services

ComCenter provides HVAC, Electric, Phones & Internet services for business in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Lakewood Ranch.


Avoid the frustrations that come with setting up and managing your office utilities. At ComCenter, we handle the details, so you can focus on what you do best. 


VOIP Services

VOIP or IP phones allow you to run your business from anywhere. Stay in touch and maintain a professional image whether you’re in a conventional office, at home, on the road, or in a distant location. This is also the perfect way for telecommuters and satellite offices to stay connected.

Choose the solution that’s best for you. Regardless of your location, you’ll enjoy features including:

  • Live telephone answering and transfer
  • No long-distance charges between locations
  • Easy 4-digit extensions 
  • No cell phone minutes required 
  • Company Caller ID from any location
  • Conference calling between locations

IP desk phones are perfect for home-based businesses, allowing you to separate your business phone from your personal phone and keep your home number private. When you make outbound calls, your name is presented on the Caller ID, instead of your home phone number. 

With an IP desk phone, you can enjoy key features such as voicemail, 3-way calls, conference calling, call-forwarding, and unlimited local calling. Once you try it out, you may even decide to disconnect your landline! 


Internet Access Management

Without reliable internet, most businesses grind to a halt. ComCenter provides a fast, stable infrastructure so you never have to worry about your connection. 

Wi-Fi Internet Access

Dependable Wi-Fi increases productivity, eliminates unnecessary downtime and helps your business stay competitive.

Internet Security

Our internet security service, which is included, allows you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your online data is protected from theft and damage. 

Telecommunication Services

We can port your existing telephone number from another location or we can establish a new number for you. When you leave, you can take the number with you.

  • Live Telecommunication Answering

Our telesecretaries will answer your business calls live, with your company’s custom greeting. We will forward calls to your desk, home or cell, as you instruct.

  • Call Screening

Need to know who is calling? We can add an extra level of customer service by finding out who is calling and announcing them before we send the calls through.

  • Voicemail to Email

Listen to your messages when convenient. Your voicemails can be converted to .wav files, and then forwarded to your desktop via email. You can clean up your voicemails at the same time you handle your emails. This is particularly useful when traveling.


General Utility Management

When you’re running a business, you don’t have time to deal with basic maintenance issues. Our team makes sure everything is running as it should, so you never have to give it a second thought. 

HVAC Services

At ComCenter, there’s no need to worry about HVAC breakdowns, air filter changes, or other maintenance issues. We’ll make sure you and your team are always cool and comfortable!

Electricity Management

Eliminate the need to pay multiple utility bills. Electricity is included in your rent, offering a simple, cost-effective, and hassle-free solution. 

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