Executive Suites / Office Rentals

Providing premiere office spaces, along with add-on services and shared amenities.

Executive Suites


Premier office suites for individuals or teams of up to six with add-on services and shared amenities. 


A Full Suite Of Services For Your business

ComCenter offers private executive office suites for businesses that need a higher level of features and services. What is Included?

Our executive suites are the ideal solution for your full-time office needs. The following services are included in your monthly rental:

  • Access to your rented space 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • The option of unfurnished or furnished offices.
  • Access to the furnished reception areas and conference rooms.
  • Professional receptionist to greet your guests.
  • Complimentary coffee for you and your clients.
  • Professional call answering services. 

Executive Suites Benefits

Not sure whether an executive suite is right for your business? Here’s a look at some of the top benefits you’ll enjoy. 

  • Bundled Pricing – We never charge our clients for access to our parking area, utilities, taxes, janitorial service, or pest control. This can simplify your business budget and help you avoid unexpected bills. 
  • Access to Multiple Locations – Once you’re a ComCenter client, you’ll have the option to access conference room facilities at both of our locations. You can even rent a furnished office at our other location one day a week so you can emerge into a new market.
  • Versatility – Our versatile spaces are designed to fit your business plan and your budget, making it easy to expand or downsize your company to meet current demand. A full suite of available professional services also makes it simple to run and manage your business with minimal overhead and maximum efficiency. 

Add-on Services

Available add-on services include:

  • Call screening
  • Personal mail service
  • Bookkeeping and Administrative services
  • Video conferencing 
  • And more…

ComCenter Office Rentals


Do you need to present your business in a professional manner? Do you have a limited budget? If so, you can benefit from our office rental options.


ComCenter Office Rentals

Each office has a very professional look and feel and the cost of rent will include access to furnished reception areas, conference rooms and break areas.

Should you choose, our on-staff executive assistants will answer incoming calls and greet your guests in a professional manner. 

Rental of space within our Executive Suites is completely flexible, and will be based on exactly the specific needs of the business owner. Paying only for what you use, when you use it, just makes sense.


Commercial Office vs. Office Space

There are stark differences between renting a commercial office and renting office space within our Executive Suites. Those who are searching for an office space need to know what these differences are, and consider them carefully prior to making a final decision.


On the surface, a commercial office and office suite space may seem similar. Both will provide a space that can be used to run your business, manage employees, meet with clients, and more. However, a closer look will reveal differences that can impact your business on a daily basis. This impact can be on your budget, as well as the level of satisfaction you achieve with both clients and employees.

ComCenter’s commercial office space provides trained professionals who will greet your clients and assist them in any way possible. Also available are tele-secretaries who will take your calls and handle them professionally. Having a professional in place to greet your clients or potential clients can go a long way in presenting your company in a professional light.

Additional costs that can be avoided by renting suite space include parking fees, facility cleaning and upkeep, real estate taxes, pest control, Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees and more. Many commercial office space rental companies will add these fees, taking what may have seemed a reasonable rate to a rate that is no longer affordable. Regardless of business size, office space costs need to be kept to a minimum. Otherwise, they may take a significant amount out of profits.

What may end up being most important is the rental terms. In a commercial office space, mandatory and lengthy rental periods are often in place. This eliminates the possibility of renting a space for short-term or open-ended projects. Alternately, rental of space within our Executive Suites is completely flexible and will be based exactly on the specific needs of the business owner. Paying only for what you use, when you use it, just makes sense.

There was a time when commercial office space was the only option. Business owners were forced to absorb the cost, regardless of how the space was used. Today, there are alternatives that should most definitely be considered. Lower costs and a higher level of service is something that all business owners desire. This makes ComCenter an ideal option that should be considered when selecting your next office space in a Commercial Office Space.


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