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Alternatives To Renting Commercial Office Space

There are stark differences between renting a commercial office and renting office space within our Executive Suites. Those who are searching for an office space need to know what these differences are, and consider them carefully prior to making a final decision.

On the surface, a commercial office and office suite space may seem similar. Both will provide a space that can be used to run your business, manage employees, meet with clients, and more. However, a closer look will reveal differences that can impact your business on a daily basis. This impact can be on your budget, as well as the level of satisfaction you achieve with both clients and employees.

ComCenter’s commercial office space provides trained professionals who will greet your clients and assist them in any way possible. Also included are telesecretaries who will take your calls and handle them professionally. These may be in place in the commercial office setting as well, but they will come with an extra cost. Companies such as ComCenter offer them as part of any rental package, no exceptions.

Additional costs that can be avoided by renting suite space include parking fees, facility cleaning and upkeep, real estate taxes, pest control, Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees and more. Many commercial office space rental companies will add these fees, taking what may have seemed a reasonable rate to a rate that is no longer affordable. Regardless of business size, office space costs need to be kept to a minimum. Otherwise, they may take a significant amount out of profits.

What may end up being most important is the rental terms. In a commercial office space, mandatory and lengthy rental periods are often in place. This eliminates the possibility of renting a space for short term or open-ended projects. Alternately, rental of space within our Executive Suites is completely flexible, and will be based on exactly on the specific needs of the business owner. Paying only for what you use, when you use it, just makes sense.

There was a time when the commercial office space was the only option. Business owners were forced to absorb the cost, regardless of how the space was used. Today, there are alternatives that should most definitely be considered. Lower costs and a higher level of service is something that all business owners desire. This makes ComCenter an ideal option that should be considered when selecting your next office space in a Commercial Office Space.

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