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ComCenter Sponsors Bar Camp

My first “lunch-n-learn” told me that Bar Camp was something different. How many networking events do we attend that are really a contact management campaign? Predators roam the floor to collect business cards and make their pitch. Then we get... Read more

Bar Camp Comes to Bradenton

Sara and Stan of Bar Camp checked out Bradenton’s new Riverwalk Park and immediately saw its potential for constant growth. When they saw the brand new Performing Arts Center the envisioned more than a standard Bar Camp meeting. Their imaginations... Read more

ComCenter Discovers Bar Camp Sarasota

ComCenter Discovers Bar Camp Once again, Eric Gilbert, President of D3CS Marketing, shared a new idea with ComCenter. He invited me to a lunch-n-learn at Bar Camp Sarasota. www.bcsrq.com Oh, no. This is not another network group. It’s different. Wikipedia... Read more

Stay Flexible!

The only real constant in Small Business is change. Hopefully, revenues will increase faster than budget. Or sadly, they might fall. You can bet they won’t match your best financial projection. Read more

ComCenter Discovers Barter

When you think of office space, most people think of the large impact on cashflow. But what about using Barter for Office Space? ComCenter has been in business for about 12 years. We build and rent offices specifically for small... Read more