Stay Flexible!

The only real constant in Small Business is change. Hopefully, revenues will increase faster than budget. Or sadly, they might fall. You can bet they won’t match your best financial projection. The small business must stay flexible at all times. Suppose your business needs to expand or contract in a hurry. A conventional fixed term lease, for a fixed amount of space, with a steady increase in rent favors the landlord. You really don’t want to renegotiate with the landlord, who holds all the cards. These days, we have a new risk. Suppose other tenants start to vacate the building. The landlord defaults on his mortgage. Then maintenance is deferred and the place deteriorates. Finally, the mortgagee forecloses and asks you to leave. You might have to scramble at the worst of times.

ComCenter believes that long-lease agreements are dangerous for small business. We ask only for a one year agreement. We will also agree to a shorter rental period at a modest rent premium.

Our Virtual Workplace strategy offers the ultimate in flexibility and minimizes leasing risks.

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