About The Virtual Office

Bar Camp Comes to Bradenton

Sara and Stan of Bar Camp checked out Bradenton’s new Riverwalk Park and immediately saw its potential for constant growth. When they saw the brand new Performing Arts Center the envisioned more than a standard Bar Camp meeting. Their imaginations... Read more

The Virtual Workplace is for Small Business too.

A small business is fresquently, by nature, a virtual office. Big Business is rapidaly switching to a virutal form, with VOIP and cloud commuting. Now ComCenter offers these same technologies to its small business clients. Read more

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is something different to every business and personal user. Cloud computing has already been in front of all of our noses for many years. It’s so easy and uncomplicated that most of us have missed its implementation. It’s... Read more

Teleworkers Are More Productive

Big companies are making big money by allowing their employees to telecommute. Are you? Read more

Telecommuting for the Professional Mom

Professional moms may be the single largest group that can benefit from telecommuting. Prior to the development of cloud computing, well qualified moms left the workforce to attend to domestic matters. With a virtual office, this doesn’t have to be... Read more

The Best Personality Traits for Telecommuters

Teleworking isn’t for everyone. Find out a few of the things that could determine whether it’s a good fit for you. Read more

Why Your Workplace Should be Virtual and You Shouldn’t Be

Virtual offices offer the flexibility of the cloud and telecommuting. However, you and your business can not be as intangible as the cloud. People want to meet you and shake your hand to do business, even if they want to... Read more

When should I start my Virtual Office?

Have you outgrown your home-based business? If you have, chances are good that a virtual office is the most cost effective and best fitting option available. Come find out why from the leader Read more

How To Manage Telecommuters

Knowing how manage telecommuters is paramount to your out-of-office experience being successful. Find out how with another great ComCenter blog post Read more

Small Business Are Even Greater With Telecommuting

Small Business has created 64 percent of new jobs over the past 15 years. How can they keep doing it? Let us count the way. Let us also start with telecommuting and…da cloud. Read more Read more