The Best Personality Traits for Telecommuters

Teleworking isn’t for everyone. Find out a few of the things that could determine whether it’s a good fit for you.
Are you the right kind of person to make the most of all the wonders telecommuting has to offer? It’s not perfect for everyone but possessing a few key traits goes a long way towards making it a success.

Introvert or Extrovert?

According to a 2009 article at Business, which cites a study done by Cisco and UK-based psychological-research firm Pearn Kandola, extroverts are the ideal telecommuter.

The reasons are clear, according to the study: extroverts will take the chance to connect no matter what hurdles are in the way. Introverts are less likely to do this without direct human interaction, which leads to a feeling of isolation.

However, according to Marti Olsen Laney Psy.D. in her book “The Introvert Advantage.” She notes that introverts and extroverts can not be divided based upon socialization tendencies as they have been in the past. That means the lines might not be so clear. However, getting an introvert into the office on occasion is a good recipe for success, since they are, as the study in Business Week suggests, less likely to seek out social activities if those opportunities aren’t immediately present.

It May Not Be Just About Personality Type

Many professionals don’t feel as strongly about the introvert vs. extrovert comparison. According to Cube the ideal teleworker has a structured and disciplined lifestyle regardless of personality type.

A rigid attention to detail coupled with self-motivation are two major keys to telecommuting success, according to the Cube Rules article. Remaining organized will also aid any home-based employee.

Aside from self-motivation, structure is probably the most important aspect of a home office. Since you are working from home, the lawn that needs cutting is staring you in the face all day. That doesn’t mean you should take the time to cut it until the business day has ended (or you have completed your day’s work). So someone who creates their own structure is an ideal candidtate.

Personal Evaluation

Ultimately, only you really know if you are a good fit for working at home. If you’re an introvert, be careful not to get caught using the tendency to slink away from social situation as a justification. If you are an extrovert, don’t think that you’ll somehow be isolated simply because you are working from home. You may actually find that you are most focused and more social when the times arise.

Take some time to search around the internet and the ComCenter Blog. You’ll probably find that telecommuting will fit your lifestyle, it will just take some getting used to.

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