Start Your Virtual Workplace

The traditional physical location simply isn’t relevant. Now is a great time to abandon obsolete management and real estate styles and free your company to “move about the world.”

You can cut your overhead and reduce your long term liabilities. Your team members can be geographically apart, but stay connected by teleworking tools such as IP telephony, virtual networks, web conferencing and video conferencing. Why should they drive to the office every day? They can work from anywhere, but the outside world sees a single, unified organization. The traditional physical location simply isn’t relevant. Now is a great time to abandon obsolete management and real estate styles and free your company to “move about the world.” We recommend the following Nine Steps to The Virtual Workplace.

1. Rather than Management by Supervision, employ Management by Objective. Evaluate your team members and the tasks they handle. Talk it over. Who is self disciplined and can work more independently? Who could work without direct supervision ( from home or a remote location)? Who would prefer to telecommute? Whose jobs require that they be at the office every day? Who needs supervision?
2. Invest only in “mission critical staff”. Let ComCenter answer your phone and greet your visitors. Let your team address higher priorities. Reduce your overall staffing liability
3. Create a work plan where some staffers come to the office every day, some a few days a week and some only once in a while. You do not need a dedicated workstation or desk for every worker. Plan “hot desks” or hotel workstations to match your work plan. These desks could be used by multiple teleworkers on different days. A single hot desk could support two to five teleworkers who come to the office on different days of the week.
4.Establish fixed meeting schedules so that everyone feels personally connected. Make sure that a good meeting room is available. ComCenter provides meeting and training rooms of various sizes. Make sure that you have group meetings and individual meetings with your team members.
5. Employ electronic collaboration tools like video conference, web conference, live meeting, audio conference and even skype. Connect from anywhere!
6. With your new Virtual Workplace plan in hand, calculate how much space you really need. You won’t need reception lobbies, meeting rooms and training rooms. ComCenter provides them. Your space requirements will drop big time!
7.Now, add Flexibility to your business plan. Rent less space and secure a shorter term. ComCenter understands these and will deliver.
8. Provide each teleworker with a ComCenter VOIP phone, which connects anywhere the internet is available. Each teleworker is only four digits away. Everyone shares your company’s basic telephone number. Conference calling is easy. Caller ID always identifies your company, regardless of the teleworker’s location.
9. Use Cloud Computing. Move your files and applications to the cloud. Forget about purchasing servers and routers, backing up, server maintenance, and IT service contracts. Solve disaster recovery with disaster prevention. Provide your team with inexpensive desktops and laptops. Your files and applications are remote, safe and secure. Your staff can access files from anywhere, but nothing is stored on local PC’s. They are merely dumb terminals.

Now, go forth and Work Anywhere!

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