Start Your Virtual Workplace

The traditional physical location simply isn’t relevant. Now is a great time to abandon obsolete management and real estate styles and free your company to “move about the world.” Read more

Control Overhead

CONTROL OVERHEAD Rent only the office space that fits your immediate need. ComCenter and other office business centers provide shared common areas such as furnished lobbies, break rooms, restrooms and hallways. With our flexible rental agreement, you can increase the... Read more

Changing the Culture

With VOIP and cloud computing, your people can work anywhere. Why make them come to the same place every day? Read more

What’s a Virtual Office?

If you visit Wikipedia, you’ll find “a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism.” But if you search for Virtual Office providers, you will find a lot... Read more

What’s a Virtual Workplace?

Wikipedia says “A virtual workplace is a workplace that is not located in any one physical space.” However, many businesses and vendors have their own definition. I T companies like to use the phrase for cloud computing, videoconferencing, web conferencing... Read more

Who plays in the Virtual Workplace?

If you are thinking the VW is just for tech heads who live for new apps from Apple and Google, you wrong. Even though these brilliant geeks have led the way to the Virtual Workplace, businesses of every size and... Read more

The Virtual Workplace is for Small Business too.

A small business is fresquently, by nature, a virtual office. Big Business is rapidaly switching to a virutal form, with VOIP and cloud commuting. Now ComCenter offers these same technologies to its small business clients. Read more

*Big Companies are Growing in the Cloud

Over 80 percent of large enterprises utilize cloud computing technologies. This number will continually increase as servers and IT departments are capable of ensuring security and efficiency in the cloud. Read more

*How Large Enterprises Use Cloud Computing

Our previous post covered how large enterprise is growing and embracing the advent of cloud computing. Today we’re going to expand on that and outline the individual parts and reasonings behind this ever increasing switch to the cloud. Read more

Stay Flexible!

The only real constant in Small Business is change. Hopefully, revenues will increase faster than budget. Or sadly, they might fall. You can bet they won’t match your best financial projection. Read more