Steve Denman

Davis Graham & Stubbs, LLP, a law firm based in Denver, Colorado, has leased an office for me in the ComCenter Lakewood Ranch since August 2008. While most of my legal work is in Colorado, when I accepted this position, I knew I would continue to live here in Lakewood Ranch. Because I would be telecommuting to work in Denver two or three weeks of every month,

we searched for an executive office location with a state-of-the-art telecommunications system. I also had been commuting to downtown Sarasota for several years to my previous job, and if possible I wanted to locate in Lakewood Ranch near my house. After comparing a few executive office locations, we found the ComCenter Lakewood Ranch to be a perfect solution for my needs. The ComCenter’s state-of-the-art telecommunications system works great with our Virtual Private Network, and my telecommute is almost like being at Davis Graham & Stubbs’ offices in Denver. I recommend the ComCenter Lakewood Ranch as a great executive office location.

Steve Denman
Davis Graham & Stubbs

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