Who plays in the Virtual Workplace?

If you are thinking the VW is just for tech heads who live for new apps from Apple and Google, you wrong. Even though these brilliant geeks have led the way to the Virtual Workplace, businesses of every size and type can utilize it right now. If you are an startup, you should use the VW as soon as you bring on your first associate. If you are an existing enterprise, the Virtual Workplace is a fantastic strategy to get your overhead under control. If you are a giant enterprise, you are probably already knee deep in the Virtual Workplace.

ComCenter has been serving Virtual Office Clients for over ten years. We have assembled new innovative technologies and services (VOIP, Cloud Computing, Dual Mode Smart Phones, Video Conferencing, Telephone Answering, Presentation Centers, VPN, Virtual Assistants, and many more) to make the smallest business look like a superstar.

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