Who Uses the Cloud and How Do They Use It?

The cloud is tailor made for your small and medium business. Let us help you find out how other smallish businesses are using the cloud to better themselves.

The cloud is a suit that you have tailored. Everyone has their own measurements but the suit itself is built on a standardized template.

Below is a brief exploration of how businesses use the cloud (broken down by size), which sizes use what services and how they arrived at their decision to implement their cloud model.

The Options Array

We begin with the questions you need to ask (and the answers you need to find) to determine what type of cloud computing is best for your business.

  • Will your business use a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud?
  • What type of business are you and how are you going to use the cloud? For your entire infrastructure or just for a few services?
  • What kind of service does your business need: SaaS – Software as a Service; IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service; PaaS – Platform as a Service?

According to Shane O’Neil in his post at, these many options will begin to separate out into specialized niches as 2011 progresses.

How Businesses Will Be Using the Cloud

Mr. O’Neil references Forrester’s 2011Tech Industry Predictions Report, in explaining that there are three significant ways that the use of the cloud will shift in business this year. They are:


Public cloud buyers will be primarily small and medium sized businesses.

  • These buyers will use, primarily, IaaS and PaaS.
  • These buyers are most likely to move all of their computing to the cloud.

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