Start Your Virtual Workplace

ComCenter Discovers Bar Camp Sarasota

ComCenter Discovers Bar Camp Once again, Eric Gilbert, President of D3CS Marketing, shared a new idea with ComCenter. He invited me to a lunch-n-learn at Bar Camp Sarasota. Oh, no. This is not another network group. It’s different. Wikipedia... Read more

Start Your Virtual Workplace

The traditional physical location simply isn’t relevant. Now is a great time to abandon obsolete management and real estate styles and free your company to “move about the world.” Read more

Control Overhead

CONTROL OVERHEAD Rent only the office space that fits your immediate need. ComCenter and other office business centers provide shared common areas such as furnished lobbies, break rooms, restrooms and hallways. With our flexible rental agreement, you can increase the... Read more

Teleworkers Are More Productive

Big companies are making big money by allowing their employees to telecommute. Are you? Read more

Who Uses the Cloud and How Do They Use It?

The cloud is tailor made for your small and medium business. Let us help you find out how other smallish businesses are using the cloud to better themselves. Read more

SaaS, What is it and Why do you Care?

SaaS, is it just another term or is it really something to hang onto? Find out why you’ll want to hang onto this one and where the industry is headed with another informative ComCenter Blog post. Read more

Small Business Are Even Greater With Telecommuting

Small Business has created 64 percent of new jobs over the past 15 years. How can they keep doing it? Let us count the way. Let us also start with telecommuting and…da cloud. Read more Read more

A Virtual Office Reduces Overhead by 40 Percent

The traditional office lease with fixed space and fixed rental terms is obsolete for the entrepreneur. Don’t go there. Combine Teleworking with Executive Suites. Save money and stay flexible. Read more

Teleworking: Benefits for Staff

Employees benefit from Telecommuting in many ways. From gas and time savings to spending more time with the kids, the Virtual Workplace is a win-win for employees and business owners alike Read more

Incorporate Teleworking in Your Business. Go Virtual!

9 ways the virtual workplace will save you money, reward your employees and improve your quality of life as a business owner. If you are wondering about the virtual workplace, wonder no more, this is a quick read that will... Read more